In this course we will look at the science of language.  Which is in essence the science of how people think.  There will be a look at various languages, the elements of language, what sets language apart from other devices, and grammar and function of language.

As a prospective English major, this course will give you the opportunity to read and think about the history of the English language as well.  Hopefully, this course will give you a leg up on your classmates who will be College Freshmen as well.  I will post information and lessons on Moodle, you can then do them at your own pace, asking questions as we go.

There are also a few days that I will be gone this semester; Mrs. Gillett will be the substitute.  I will allow you to guide a discussion on some of the books if you wish to do so.  If it's going to be your career, consider this on-the-job training.  I will give you my lecture notes, and you can add whatever you think is important on the subject at the moment.

The purpose of this course is to help you become a more well-rounded language student, but at your own pace.  There are not many, or any, public high schools in Nebraska offering Linguistics this semester, so I will set a pace, and if we need to adjust it, we can do so.